people please wash your hands

... and practice good hygiene. And if you are sick, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME. ty...

I was out of the hospital for three days and had to go back. You know I just missed the nurses and all the attention, right? Well for the last month I have spent the better part of it parked in a bed that is much cooler than mine at home. This thing even weighed me. What better to torture someone with eating and weighty issues with! Oh and I even got to watch a six hour alien conspiracy marathon. Followed up by an equally disturbing we are being haunted...I couldn't keep my eyes open. Sorry I couldn't really tell you much because I was catnapping my way through. So after another week, that makes three, I was released back into the wild. Don't worry! I have spent much of my time asleep. So I have not been causing chaos anywhere....mwuahahaha.

Seriously though I am fragile. There are folks like me out here. We are fragile. It doesn't take much for us to get sick. And when we get sick, we are hard to treat. And some of us, tragically and sadly, don't make it. So please, please, please.... keep the ick at home if at all possible.

Oh and wish me the very best of luck to catch up on three weeks of missing assignments, including midterms. Eeeek!